Vase Cantine 15


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45,00 €

Vase Design by Véronique Maire

Height 15.7cm

Ø 13.5cm

Cork and Glass

The glass of the French school cantine.

The CANTINE vases family was created from the diversion of this classical stackable glass which marked our childhood. Each vase is named by a number as a winck to the numbers that appear at the bottom of the glasses. It reminds us of the game we have all played that consisted in asking the question "how old are you?" and then look in the glass to get an answer. So, the renewed use of this glass, like the madeleine of Proust, combined with various cork hats, allows the vase to reintroduce happily this emblematic object in our adults' lives.


Véronique Maire


Véronique Maire began her career working with the Andrée Putman architecture studio, where she was in charge of developing products and furniture for the home. It was there that she learnt to deal with diversity: from de luxe collections for Christofle and Guerlain to exclusive furniture designs for Photo Véronique MaireDomeau et Perès, not to mention floor covering for Tarkett or events for the BHV department store… In 2001 she co-founded the IK design studio with Patrick de Glo de Besses. While working on a commission from Packard Bell for new computer typologies, they also planned and designed an in-house restaurant for Cartier. In parallel, they developed projects with the support of VIA for the De di by gallery, the Contrast gallery in Shanghai, and the Fédération de la dentelle et de la broderie. Informed by these experiences, Veronique Maire set up her own creation office in 2006, with a clear penchant for savoir-faire and the world of de luxe products. She has designed tableware collections for Hermès and Cristalleries de Saint Louis, developed perfume concepts for Armani, and created objects in cast aluminium for Ardi. With an eye to passing on her experience, she coordinates the 1st and 2nd year design courses at the Esad in Rheims, offering students a plastic approach based on experimentation and materials.


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